GAMEGENIC: Stronghold 200+ Convertible – Orange

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„These walls will withstand any siege.“ – Two removable card
holders keep up to 200 double-sleeved cards in this large and
extremely robust deck box. The Stronghold is covered with
elegant Nexofyber material, with soft microfiber inside, and
also contains an accessories drawer. Just like other Convertible
products, its flaps are removable and can be clipped to the
back side of the box. Powerful magnets ensure a safe closure.
Completely removable, interchangeable flaps and inner card
holders o˜er Mix & Match customization options.
Holds up to 200 double-sleeved cards* and accessories
Tilt the box or clip flaps to the back side for customizable display and setup options
Completely removable flaps and card holders allow for Mix & Match customization
Independent access to both card holders and accessories drawer
Comfortable for left- and right-handed use
Rigid and durable box
Powerful magnets for a precise and secure closure
Premium materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)
Flap clips to the backside for a tilted display of the complete Stronghold